Spandrel & Gable Panels

Economical and efficient, spandrel and gable panels are prefabricated panels designed, manufactured and delivered alongside the roof trusses to offer an effective and flexible alternative to masonry.

While similar in their manufacture spandrel panels, which form non-load bearing fire breaks between properties, are clad with a single layer of 15mm “Fermacell” fibreboard, achieving the fire and acoustic properties required, alongside excellent impact and moisture resistance when compared to plasterboard. Alternatively, gable panels, structural timber panels forming the inner skin of a gable end, are usually clad in OSB3 (Oriented Strand Board) and a breather membrane.

Manufactured off-site and arriving on-site ready to be lifted into position, spandrel and gable panels also offer significant savings over more traditional build options.    

Further information on our spandrel and gable panels can be found on our downloads page, or alternatively contact us to discuss.

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